OÜ FORESTLINE is a forestry company founded in 2009.

We mainly deal with power line corridor maintenance work, such as scrub clearing, tree felling (including hazard trees and tree winching), pruning etc.

As an additional service we have also done forest planting and have experience with chipped wood.

The quality of work and a thoughtful approach towards our clients and partners are our priorities when offering our services. For this reason we do not use heavy equipment in our day-to-day operations, in order to avoid damaging the lands of property owners. We work closely together with various authorities to provide a full service for our customers, from arranging all the necessary documentation and permits, to completing the required work.

Our employees are people who have extensive experience in the forest maintenance area. We value their knowledge, which they have acquired over the years working in forests and under powerl ines. We have also employed younger people who we have trained and taught through practical work.